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“From a Vermont property owner's perspective, this is far and away the best web site I have found. An independent classic-Vermont business, this is great value for your money. It has it all: a choice of customized pricing plans and features; superior customer service; and extensive information on Vermont-specific laws, regulations, and requirements that carry significant penalties for violations or non-compliance. It's all in the interest of a better experience for owner and renter alike.”
Stafford Davis, Lake Champlain rental
“Well, once again I have to tell you that does all the heavy lifting for us -- as long as you and ourselves have the lights on, we will be dancing with you guys. I can't thank you enough for this great resource that has, in some respects, made it possible for our rental business to thrive. One obvious reason for this factor is your great attention to detail and often timely and relevant reminders. The other reason, on the surface less obvious, is your clear connectivity and understanding of Vermont and the bountiful resources that the state has to offer to others.”
Mark Smith, Huntington rental
“I just want to say that we listed our property on several sites last season, but the overwhelming majority of actual nights sold came from folks visiting your web site. Keep up the good work!”
Brad Scheller, Okemo rental
“I have an advertisement for my camp on your website. I can’t believe the responses we have gotten, we were able to rent five weeks in no time. It has been incredible. We listed with a realtor and didn’t get any rentals until we put our ad on your site! .... Next year, we will definitely be getting the availability calendar.”
Laura Brown, Lake Champlain rental
“How do I love Let me count the ways! ... In a world that rarely gives you what you pay for, you guys give me hope that service as we once knew it in this world is not lost. It is in fact alive and well at”
Gary E. Jacques, Faithful Customer, Lake Dunmore rental
“Once again, thanks for all your help. I’ve had such great success in renting my property through your website. Each time I advertise, I get numerous inquiries, which always result in rentals. Your site has proven to be the most cost effective and efficient way for me to advertise and rent my home. I’ve mentioned your website (and my success) to friends who have Vermont properties...and I’ll continue to spread the good word.”
Jan Schaefer, Stratton rental
“Thank you again for your website. We’ve had a tremendous response this year as in other years and have met some wonderful people as a result. This is so easy for us as well, having to only post in one location and not worry about advertising elsewhere.”
Diane Chartrand, Lake Bomoseen rental
“I wanted to share with you how pleased I am with the number of rental referrals received from our listing (Twin Pines) -- my site stats show that I receive more visitors referred from your site than all of my other on-line listings combined. Thanks.”
Joe Perrotto, Lake Champlain rental
“I love your website. You are our only source of advertising and we are 90% rented this summer.”
Peter Harris, NEK Lake rental
“We definitely want to renew! At this point — our 3rd season — we’ve dropped every other subscription; your site is the only one that brings us bookings. Thanks.”
Darcy Coates, Lake Champlain rental
“I just wanted to pass on that since February, we have successfully rented our house in Addison for 9 weeks from July through September, and a May weekend - not bad for a $215 investment [with the calendar and extra photos] in advertising on your site... We have people coming from New Mexico, Georgia, as well as New England, NY, and NJ. We are quite impressed with the reach and traffic to your web site. Thanks.”
Jeff Buckman, Lake Champlain rental
“I just want to send along a big "Thank You." For months our new rental property was listed on local chambers of commerce and other web sites and I was getting few calls. Now that we are with you, not only are we getting a lot of contacts, they tend to be the kind of folks we want to rent to. I can’t think of any better use of money than the fee you charged us. We have no source of rentals that has served us anywhere near as well as yours. Please let me know when it is time to renew! Thank you for doing such a great job keeping up your web service! I really appreciate it.”
Leslie Beaulieu, Goshen, VT (Middlebury & Killington regions)
“Your website has been the most productive of all the advertising we have done year after year. We are now in our fifth year of offering The Sugarhouse at Grasshopper Hill to vacationers and the vast majority of our guests find their way to The Sugarhouse via Vermont Property. Thank you so much for your help.”
Roger Bailey, East Central VT - Fairlee rental
“I placed an ad in Ski Magazine and received one reply. Your website has resulted in over one hundred and fifty inquiries and a most successful season... I am your most satisfied customer you’ve ever had! It is unreal what you get.”
Stan Schrier, Mount Snow rental
“Please renew my ad, as is [with the calendar and extra photos]. It has been working terrifically. Thank you very much for your great service. Your service pays for itself several times over in the number of inquiries it generates! I told a friend about to list his own rental and he sold out the season!”
James Mix, Lake Champlain rental
“I think your website is fabulous. We have had two couples from England and a family from Germany, two from Alabama, and a number from California. Not to mention NJ, NY, MA, and PA. Business has been steady and everyone who has come has been exceedingly nice. The fall still has a lot of openings so business may be slowing down, but the summer has been as good as could be. Many thanks.”
Suzanne Wooten, Woodstock rental
“Once again we’d like you to know that we’ve had a wonderful response again this year with renting our cottage. We’ve already booked nine weeks and it’s not even the end of February! VERMONTPROPERTY.COM has been a gold mine for us — and with such ease! Thanks again.”
Charlotte & Jim Arkinson, Lake Champlain rental
“Your website has been great to work with. All my requests have always been taken care of in a timely manner. I appreciate the patience with the changes I have made. Thank you.”
Robert Hunt, Northeast Kingdom rental
“I get many referrals from your web site. Keep up the good work.”
Perry Pratt, Sugarbush rental
“Thanks for another great season. I believe the inquires to booking ratio we receive from is the best out of any other advertising we have tried.”
Eric Houwen, Lake Dunmore rental
“Please renew our Internet ad without any changes. This ad has been enormously successful. We could rent our place for 360 days a year if we wanted to.”
Peter R. Engelhardt, Stratton rental
“Thank you again for a wonderful experience and sending a lot of very nice people to my vacation property. I have been a very satisfied customer for about 6 years. My house in Londonderry is scheduled to be sold. I will indicate to the new owners what a great service you provide at a very inexpensive cost.”
Sandy Sherman, Londonderry rental
“Just updated my calendar and header; love the user friendliness of your system. Had a phone call last week and asked the rental inquiry what sites he had visited and he mentioned (two). I asked him which one he preferred and he absolutely raved about!!! Kudos to you and your company.”
Finnegan, Northeast Kingdom Lakes - Lake Willoughby rental
“Thank you for your services. It has made my dream of owning this property a reality... By the way, I collect statistics as to where people link to my own web site. Vermont Property by far sent more people there than the next two well-known major vacation rental sites combined! This and the better rates means Vermont Property is the only site where I am renewing for a full year.”
Lisa Plourde, Mount Snow - Lake Raponda rental